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Port South is a town controlled by Slave Traders. Despite being called a "port," this town is essentially a Stone Camp because it contains many stone mines and is largely concentrated on producing raw stone and raw ore. Slave Master Wada lives here in a Noble House. You can find this town by venturing to "middle" of the eastern seashore of the Great Desert or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories).

Player can buy/free slaves from the multiple Slave Shops at this location. Players could also sell some captives to Slave Shops to earn a decent amount of cats. Skimmers frequently attack this town.

There is also another "port" in The Great Desert, called Port North and it is controlled by Lady Kana.


Town Overrides[]

If Slave Master Wada is killed or imprisoned it would cause Port South to become ruins.

If Slave Master Wada, Longen and Emperor Tengu are all killed or imprisoned Port South will fall under the control of Empire Peasants.


Designation of this town as a "port" is yet another indication that the world of Kenshi used to have maritime transport. Shipment of raw materials produced on site over the sea would have been more practical and convenient than using desert caravans. Other indications that Kenshi used to have some form of ships are their carcasses scattered in some zones and an occasional monologue that Skeleton characters would utter upon entering the Swamp.

However, due to the fact that this "port" does not contain a usable harbor unlike the Port North, it is less likely that it is designated as an ancient building but rather because it is named so because it's next to the sea. But one could also handwave the explanation that sea levels dropped over the time causing the shore to become farther away.