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Plate Beating Station
Plate Beating Station.png
Type: Interior/exterior
Materials cost:
Iron Plates 4
Estimated build time: 1 hrs

A simple bench for the task of hammering out metal into basic armour plates.

Plate Beating Station.jpg

The Plate Beating Station is a crafting building type introduced in patch 0.50. This crafting station allows players to craft Armour Plating from Raw Iron. Armour Plating is later used to construct plate based armour at the Heavy Armour Smithy. The station requires no power to run, but does require manual labour of a worker. Using it improves the Armour Smithing skill.

Plate Beating Station
Raw Iron
Raw Iron.png

(4 required)

Armour Plating
Armour Plating.png


  • Power Consumption - 0
  • Efficiency - 100%