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Personality is a tag added to characters, most noticeably on player characters, to dictate what in-game dialogue is triggered. Unique Recruits often have a specially made set of dialogue options, but most recruits have random dialogue options which are dictated by their personality tag.

Effect on Gameplay[]

Personality tags mainly contribute to character dialogue, typically differentiating between similar content variations. However, there are some characters which have behaviors limited to certain personalities.

Dialogue is most noticeably affected by specific tags when entering Zones. Entering the Fog Islands with characters marked as "Smart" will result in the characters commenting on the existence of Fogmen and that they should move quickly through the area. Entering the Fog Islands without a "Smart" character results in the character simply saying that they don't like the 'feel of this fog.'

After doing certain actions in game, such as taking down major world leaders, characters will say new things about the state of the world. If the player has a squad of many different Unique Recruits, they might hear a conversation relating back to their recruits' backstories. If they are playing with generic recruits, the resulting conversation will feel less special.

Patrolling groups of Tech Hunters can become aggressive towards the player as long as the leader has a specific personality.

Whether a Slave becomes a Slave Recruit is primarily determined by their Personality, although there is also a chance aspect to it. Their chances to escape from cages/prisoner poles, following you, and deciding to whether or not joining you after is roughly summarized below.

  • Fearful and Dumb characters are very unlikely to be willing to escape from prison, but have a moderate chance to follow the player if they decide to escape.
  • Brave and Traitorous characters will always be willing to escape prison but will usually run off on their own instead of following the player.
  • Maniacal non-Shek characters are very unlikely to be willing to escape prison, and if they do they will usually run off on their own.
  • Smart and Honorable characters will always attempt to escape prison, and have a moderate chance follow the player if freed.
  • Brave Hive Prince characters have a moderate chance to start a dialog where they will join the player immediately, with a 1 week cooldown.
  • Honorable and Maniacal Shek characters have a moderate chance to start a dialog that where they will join the player immediately, with a 1 week cooldown. Other personality Shek will run away alone if the dialog is triggered.

After leading the slaves whom followed you away:

  • Traitorous characters will always run away from you after escaping.
  • All others whom followed have 41% chance of joining the players squad after escaping.
  • Note that due to the fact that Traitorous characters will never join the players squad. It is impossible to recruit slave characters with this personality by breaking them free.

Personality Types[]

Honorable [FCS#:1][]

Outlaw Recruit: Oh /BROTHER/, it's been one hell of a rough year. First off I nearly have my arm chewed off by a pack of wolves, then I have the craziest doctor try and sew a THIRD arm into the wound... a third arm! The nutbag!... then my brother goes missing in the outlands and THEN a gang of starving bandits raid the family farm. Burned it right to the ground...
Outlaw Recruit (not female): I'm a trader... Wife left me 3 months ago. Left me for the /GODDAMN/ hat merchant across the road. Fed up of seein' their ugly faces everyday to be honest, I just wanna get out of here and do something badass, have an adventure and say 'screw you, wife! I'm livin' the high life now!'....

Traitorous [FCS#:2][]

Recruit: You there! Are you looking for a teacher? Want to master the art of swordplay from a grandmaster such as myself? I'm a traveling teacher, what do you think?
Outlaw Recruit: Well! Buy me another drink and I'll let you know EVERYTHING. I'll tell you about my pet Gutter called Grimes, my steamy affair with the barman's daughter, and this wierd-ass rash that's been giving me hell *starts pulling down pants*...

Smart [FCS#:5][]

Outlaw Recruit: I'm a smuggler. Well, was a smuggler. Had a close call with a snitch and decided to pack it in for good. Travellin' out of town seemed a good place to start...

Dumb [FCS#:6][]

Recruit: Stop talking so much, they say. I can't hear myself think, they say. So I like to talk, who cares. You hiring, buddy? I'm looking for work, ain't interested in hanging around this dull bar with these grumps...
Outlaw Recruit: I'm... nothing. I don't have a job or any money... Yesterday I was so hungry, I ate a mouldy riceball off the floor, but /GODDAMN/ when you're that hungry even a mouldy riceball tastes good!

Brave [FCS#:9][]

Outlaw Recruit: I was orphaned by Blood Bandits when I was 11. Been stuck in this town ever since that day. But now... it's time for me to go outside and grow a spine.

Fearful [FCS#:10][]

Maniacal [FCS#:14][]

Outlaw Recruit: You wanna know who I am? Well, you'll just have to get to know me and find out, won'tcha?