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Outpost s-III
Outpost s-III.png
Type: Building Shell
Materials cost:
Building Materials 20
Copper Alloy Plates 20
Estimated build time: 7 hrs

The "s-III" version is a tough outpost that builds well on awkward terrain.
Outpost III.png

Outpost s-III are large building models that require appropriate technologies to be researched in order to be built. As the in game description suggests, these building types construct well on awkward or uneven terrain.

The Outpost s-III are also superior to other buildings because they have an outside ramp instead of stairs (characters can often get stuck in the space under exterior stairs in Storm Houses and Stephouses). The metal Outpost s-III towers are much safer for descending to the street or ascending into the building.

There are limitations with regard to furnishing of these towers. Beware that due to low ceiling, not every interior building can fit inside. For example, a Heavy Armour Smithy is impossible to fit on its first floor due to its height. Similarly no furniture/interior building can be constructed on the exterior "ring" walkway of the Outpost s-III tower because that space is qualified as "outside". The Outpost s-IV gives the player more opportunities in terms of furnishing the structure.

Outpost s-III can be purchased in the following cities and towns:

Outpost s-III Building Info[]

  • Building Condition - 40
  • Door Condition - 40
  • Door Lock - lvl15


The Outpost s-III types can technically be placed on top of Stationhouses. This could have been an amazing opportunity to create spacious palace-like structures. It is however impossible to regulate the height of the new construction, leaving the outpost uselessly handing above the Stationhouse structure. Using the FCS might help you to construct one building on top of another correctly.