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Similar to the Drifters, the Outlaw faction is comprised of various criminals with no allegiance to any other faction. Mostly used as the faction for various slaves.

Not technically a unified faction but more of a loose category of bandits, deserters, and looters that share a common belligerence with the established powers of the land of Kenshi. Many outlaws are runaways from the mainstream society - usually oppressed by the status quo, stowaways from main worlds. Most outlaw rebels would hardly call themselves such, rather seeing themselves as challengers to the inept rule of The Holy Nation or the United Cities, seeking vengeance for the wrongs caused by such a misled and flawed society and taking what they can take through their theivery skills. Characters whom are later enslaved by UC are usually kept in cages.

Freed slaves that do not join the player become members of this faction.




Slaves can spawn with Noble Hunters in Stormgap Coast, The Great Desert, and The Hook.

There are no locations which the Outlaws control.

Town Overrides
There are no locations which can be controlled by this faction due to changes in World States.


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