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The content discussed on this page has either been removed from the game or has never been implemented. This content may still be accessible through previous versions of the game or through the Forgotten Construction Set.


Old World is how Kenshi users refer to the game from before the entire map received a major development overhaul. For a way to experience the UI and graphics which Kenshi used to have, check out this video on Kenshi Basics:

Kenshi Basics (101 Startup Guide for Beginners) - Part 1

Kenshi Basics (101 Startup Guide for Beginners) - Part 1

In addition, the Old World can be used by opting into an old beta version of Kenshi.


Accessed by right-clicking on Kenshi in Steam's library and selecting "Properties..."

Content Edit

These characters and cultural establishments are things which users who experienced Kenshi in Alpha and/or Beta development may be very nostalgic towards.

Factions Edit

These factions and their generic characters may be ones that have been updated and are still in the current version of Kenshi or they may have been unique to Old World Kenshi.

Items Edit

Users may remember these items from Old World Kenshi.

Old World TownsEdit

Kenshi Map

Map of Kenshi .33

World Design Edit

Item Icons Edit

Character Style Edit

Buildings Edit

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