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Man was created in the human image of Okran, Lord Of Light;

Woman was created in the image of Narko, Demoness of Darkness. Seek caution, children of Okran! An impure race is an unholy one, they must be rebirthed to serve the cause of Okran, lest they join the cause of darkness. An unrestrained woman is an idle one, she must be subdued, lest she seduce and tempt the purity of man into the darkness with her.

–Volume I, Scripture of Radiance, Holy Lord Phoenix I

History of Okran[]

The Holy Phoenixes are said to be the messengers of Okran.

Serving as the undeniable, rightful and most important figure of the Holy Nation and its religious practices, Okran is the deity that every man, woman and child worship and give their life to. He is regarded as the flame, the light, the shining radiance in a world of evil and heresy.

Okran was said to be originated from Chitrin, a diety who was said to be a great being who sacrificed himself in order to save the planet (according to Book of Sacrifice), in doing so he split his very being into two forms, one of light (Okran) and one of darkness (Narko). After that, according to HN scriptures and priests, Okran then cast his dark counterpart - who had once resided within his own being - down into the underworld, whilst he himself remained the protector and guardian of the topside of the land. It is written within the holy scriptures that Narko exists in a place without light, and that she uses her darkness to corrupt and bribe the souls of mortals into sin and heresy.

This ancient doctrine of belief is one of the primary reasons women are shunned within Holy Nation society, as Okran is seen as a male figure, whilst Narko (who he ripped from the dark recesses of himself) was regarded as female and evil. It also gives insight into where the primary values of the Holy Nation originated, those of fighting the darkness both within oneself and out in the world, as well as the belief that through enslavement and hard labor an individual can begin to seek redemption in the eyes of Okran.

Religious Texts[]


  • Okran's dark counterpart, Narko, is simply "Okran" spelled backwards.
  • Outside of the Holy Nation, even non-humans can be seen swearing to or invoking Okran.

The Holy Flame is the sacred religious text of Okran.