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A Noble House is a building in United Cities and Slave Traders locations. This is the home of Nobles and their guards. Often there will be guards standing outside the doors. Nobles lead their lives of luxury inside these palace-like residences. A lucky thief may profit from the riches stored inside.

Be aware though, being caught committing theft inside a Noble House will incur a Nobles Wrath on the players outpost.

Locations & Residents[]


Drifter's Last²[]








Slave Markets[]

Port South[]

Port North[]

Slave Farm South[]

Slave Farm[]

Stone Camp[]

South Stone Camp[]

1. The Noble House here spawns as a Bughouse.

As the characters here are tied to World States that affect the town they are in, they will, of course, not remain in the town if they have been taken out, as such they will almost never reappear in malnourished, half-destroyed, destroyed, or takeover versions of the town.

Exceptions are made for United Cities towns turned into a malnourished or half-destroyed state via elimination of the surrounding slave masters or Tengu. These UC Nobles can still remain if only these external nobles are eliminated.

2. These UC towns have no exterior nobles that can influence it, as such only the death or imprisonment of the noble inside can affect it.

3. Heng is not affected at all by the state of Yoshinaga. As it is connected to Trader's Edge, it is instead Longen's wellbeing that is taken into account.

All items have the same relative chance. These locations also have a possibility of spawning money in the form of Cats or String of Cats items.

Possible Stock

Items Average Price Chance
Book c.300 Common
Cactus Rum.png
Cactus Rum c.520 Common
Ceramic Bowl.png
Ceramic Bowl c.300 Common
Cup c.10 Common
Damaged Book.png
Damaged Book c.10 Common
Foodcube c.874 Common
Fancy Rug.png
Fancy Rug c.1,155 Common
Luxury Goods.png
Luxury Goods c.240 Common
Meatwrap c.658 Common
Parchment c.180 Common
Pearl Cup.png
Pearl Cup c.400 Common
Pearl Sword Holder.png
Pearl Sword Holder c.500 Common
Pearl Urn.png
Pearl Urn c.1000 Common
Pearl Vase.png
Pearl Vase c.750 Common
Raw Meat.png
Raw Meat c.100 Common
Sake c.428 Common
Skeleton Eye.png
Skeleton Eye c.3,600 Rare
Water Jug.png
Water Jug c.30 Common
Wooden Bowl.png
Wooden Bowl c.20 Common
Wheatstraw c.40 Common

Weapons Average Price Chance
Guardless Katana.png
Guardless Katana c.? Common