Slavery is attacked and branded immoral by outside criticizers, by rebel ninjas. We're accused of cruelty, accused of stealing people's freedom. Yet the accusers continue to buy the products and labours of slavery: Iron, cotton, chainmail... ninja rags. The accusers reek of hypocrisy. But, even if slavery is immoral, it is ours alone to shoulder, not the business of others to interfere.

–Lord Inaba of the Noble Circle.

A Noble Huntress.

The Noble Circle (previously known as the Imperial Lords) are the handpicked cabal of ruthless nobles chosen by Emperor Tengu. Each one is equally regarded as cruel, narcissistic, and incompetent. Each noble is followed by an elite samurai bodyguard. They can be seen harassing peasants in cities and hinterland if one is unlucky enough to mistakenly block their path.

For players attempting to stand up to a noble in any way, note that by choosing any hostile or insulting dialogue options, the nobles will send their guards after you and a bounty will be put on your head. Each noble in the United Cities has diplomatic status, and choosing to attack or kidnap a noble will land you with a high bounty for committing terrorism.

The Noble Circle is mentioned in the Legend of Luquin Series. The lore books Letter Of Parting, The Blessing Of Slavery, and The Red Rebellion are written by Nobles. The letter Puppet includes some opinions on Tengu's status as Emperor.

Members Of The Noble Circle[edit | edit source]

United Cities:[edit | edit source]

(Northern Area)[edit | edit source]

(Southern Area)[edit | edit source]

Traders Guild:[edit | edit source]

(Northern Area)[edit | edit source]

(Southern Area)[edit | edit source]

Removed:[edit | edit source]

  • Empire Nobles - Randomly named Nobles who led heavily guarded processions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Character data for randomly named "Empire Noble"(s) exists in the Forgotten Construction Set, along with data for a large "Noble Procession" that would presumably have been led by them through various settlements. A mod has been released that adds this back into the game.
  • The Imperial Lords faction once included Samurai Lords, powerful nobles who led the faction's Samurai patrols. A mod has been released that re-implements them into the game.
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