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An expensive silk robe made by artisans of the Empire's capital. Worn by nobles and the wealthy elite as a sign of status.
Noble's Robe.png
Slot: ARMOR Type: Armour


These are worn by Noble Hunters and all other Nobles of the United Cities. It is part of a costume set with Noble's Trousers. Despite the matching pants designated as clothing, this robe is qualified as armour with no class assigned.

This armour has inventory dimensions of 4x6.


The Noble's Robe appears to be a puffy, long-sleeved, collared, green and orange robe of a vibrant design, tied at the bottom by a light green sash.


The blueprint for this item might be found in the Great Library in Black Scratch. After researching, it can be crafted at the Clothing Bench.

Noble's Robe
[Specialist Grade]
-Blunt resistance 2%
-Cut resistance 3%
-Cut resistance efficiency 60%
-Weight 2 kg
-Value c.1,540
-Sell value c.385
-Chest 100%
-Stomach 100%
-Right Arm 100%
-Left Arm 100%
-Stealth effect 0.70x