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Ninja Pants.png
Ninja Pants
-Weight 1 kg
-Value c.50
-Sell value c.12
[No Armour Coverage]
-Stealth effect 1.10x
Wear this and you will be a real ninja! (Warning: Not a substitute for real ninja training)

Ninja Pants are black Gi Pants. They are a Clothing item and offer no armour protection. They can be worn as part of a set together with the Ninja Gi and a Ninja Mask. A white version of this item is called the Gi Pants.

This armour has inventory dimensions of 4x5.

They are worn by members of the Shinobi Thieves as well as Unique Recruit Bo.

These are the only pants that give a Stealth bonus.


After researching the appropriate blueprint, it can be crafted at the Clothing Bench.