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Nameless is the player's controlled faction. Although literally without a name, it can be renamed at any time by going to the "Faction" menu and clicking on "Faction Name". The Nameless is a completely player-based faction. There are no preset squads, faction relations, or gear belonging to it unless the player's choice of Game Start determines so.

Player's faction name appears on weaponry and armour crafted by a playable character, for example "This Horse Chopper was crafted by Red of Nameless". With the use of a Plastic Surgeon and faction renaming, this feature can be used to create short "notes" within a game. For example, it is possible to create "Uniform of Archers" tag on an armour item by using this technique. In this case "Uniform" is the temporary name of the player's faction and "Archers" is a renamed character, author of the item. Both temporary names can be reverted back once the production cycle is over.


Faction Relations[]

The reasons for this faction to have special relations towards others.