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Multi-Barrel Harpoon Turret
Multi-Barrel Harpoon Turret.png
Type: Interior/exterior
Materials cost:
Copper Alloy Plates 8
Electrical Components 8
Steel Bars 8
Estimated build time: 0 hrs

Man does this crazy beast chuck out some 'poons. Not as powerful as other turrets however, and accuracy and reload times are terrible unless used by a skillful gunner.
Multi-Barrel Harpoon Turret
-Pierce Damage: 50
-Accuracy deviation at 0 skill: 10 degrees
-Max reload time: 12s
-Min reload time: 2.5s
Reload after 6 shots.
-Range: 65m
-Velocity: 100m/s
-Accuracy perfect at level: 95
These stats are based on a turret at ground level.

Multi-Barrel Harpoon Turret is a Defence building. Players can construct this building after researching Revolving-Barrel Harpoon Turret. Unlike other improved turrets, this style of turret cannot be upgraded to contain a light.

The range, damage, accuracy, and speed of a turret is modified by the operator's related skills as well as the height difference between the turret and its target. Turrets will be more effective if fired from above.