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Old mining town. Weren't so great with their slave control, turns out. But it makes a good shelter for travellers, so long as the wildlife keeps at bay...

–Mourn Barman

Mourn is a Major Town located in the Bonefields between Catun and Flats Lagoon. Mourn is built inside of an ancient metal structure, looming over the north and south sides of the town. A slave rebellion left this once thriving mining town in shambles. There are no guards at the gates, and most buildings are ruined. Also, although there are several Harpoon Turrets on the walls, due to the fact Mourn has no energy-producing structures whatsoever, they are useless. It is still marked by the Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories) as part of the Empire despite being independent.

Mourn is home to the Great White Gorillo which is locked in the Abandoned HQ building. When entering the bar, the bartender will warn you to keep the gate locked, and not to enter.

The infamous Blue Eyes can be found in the bar. Mourn can also be home to some recruits, specifically Hobbs.

Mourn is probably the most dangerous non-hostile town in all of Kenshi. If measures to help the town are not taken, the place will be overrun and slaughtered by the sheer savagery of the wildlife that lurks outside its walls, including the dreaded Beak Things. Even then, it's likely Mourn's walls will be filled with piles of dead bodies on a constant basis.

Mourn's lack of town guards makes it susceptible to all the potential spawns in the Bonefields. These dangers can be Beak Things, Bonedogs, Boneyard Wolves, and Skin Spiders. Patrols of Band of Bones and Gorillo Bandits are also possible. It is unlikely that a Leviathan will attempt to enter the town, but one could potentially be lured there.

There are many camp beds scattered inside the walls of this town. Players can use them at no cost. Players should remain focused on resting characters, however, because characters might not wake up to protect themselves from being eaten alive by Beak Things.

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