Mongrel Clothes Shop is a shop which sells Clothing and some Armour in Mongrel.

 Possible Locations Edit

Residents Edit

This shop is capable of spawning Artifacts, as such it may spawn items not in the list. These items, however, will not respawn when the shop restocks.

Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Cargopants (padded)
Cargopants (padded) Common
Cargopants (reinforced)
Cargopants (reinforced) Common
Cargopants (sneaky chain)
Cargopants (sneaky chain) Common
Chain Shirt
Chain Shirt Common
Chainmail Common
Drifter's Boots
Drifter's Boots Common
Drifters Leather Jacket
Drifters Leather Jacket Common
Drifters Leather Pants
Drifters Leather Pants Common
Halfpants (padded)
Halfpants (padded) Common
Halfpants (reinforced)
Halfpants (reinforced) Common
Halfpants (sneaky chain)
Halfpants (sneaky chain) Common
Leather Shirt
Leather Shirt Common
Leather Turtleneck
Leather Turtleneck Common
Leather Vest
Leather Vest Common
Ninja Rags
Ninja Rags Common
Rusty Chain Shirt
Rusty Chain Shirt Common
Rusty Chainmail
Rusty Chainmail Common
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust
Rusty Chainmail Tagelmust Rare
Samurai Clothpants
Samurai Clothpants Common
Trader's Leathers
Trader's Leathers Common

Clothing Grades Chance
Cargopants (padded)
Cargopants Common
Cloth Shirt
Cloth Shirt Rare
Gi Uncommon
Gi Pants
Gi Pants Uncommon
Halfpants (ragged)
Halfpants (ragged) Common
Ninja Gi
Ninja Gi Common
Ninja Pants
Ninja Pants Common
Sandogasa Rare
Turtleneck Rare
White Vest
White Vest Rare
Worn-out Shorts
Worn-out Shorts Common

Items Average Price Chance
Leather c.156 Common


  • Black Cloth Shirt
  • Blackened Chain Shirt
  • Blackened Chainmail
  • Cargopants [reinforced]
  • Cargopants [sneaky chain]
  • Cargopants [padded]
  • Chain Shirt
  • Chainmail
  • Drifter's Boots
  • Drifter's Leather Jacket
  • Drifter's Leather Pants
  • Halfpants [reinforced]
  • Halfpants [sneaky chain]
  • Halfpants [padded]
  • Leather Shirt
  • Leather Turtleneck
  • Leather Vest
  • Monk Pants
  • Monk Robe
  • Ninja Gi
  • Ninja Pants
  • Rag Shirt
  • Sandogasa
  • Straw Hat
  • Stout Hessian Uniform
  • Turtleneck
  • Wooden Sandals
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