People don't make a habit of visiting here. If you're lucky enough to make it to Mongrel, you're stuck in Mongrel.

Shinobi Guard

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Mongrel, the sole town of the Mongrel faction, located in the middle of the Fog Islands. Due to its location, it is extremely dangerous to attempt to get to. Many players will lose multiple characters to the Fogmen on the journey. However, once you reach the town you will be safe, as the town is protected by many very powerful guards. Purchasing a Map to Mongrel prior to journey can help to stay on the right path. The town itself has good variety of shops, many having goods not available in The Holy Nation. Bars in Mongrel are often frequented by Unique Recruits such as Beep, Crumblejon, Infinite Wingwang and Shryke.

The barracks/police station is in constant conflict with Fogmen attempting to eat arrested prisoners.

This town is a safe location for a town base as it is not subject to Town Overrides. It is less safe from Fogmen however.

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