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There are several types of modifications (or mods as they are popularly known), mods have a variety of effects, from adding one weapon to total overhauls of the game mechanics. You can also create your own modifications to your Kenshi game via the 'Forgotten Construction Set' located in your Kenshi directory.

Hive armour from the mod Hives Expanded

Game Modifications[]

Game Changing modifications can add many new things to the game from unique play styles, new areas, and even Immunity to death. Modifications can also be found listed here on the forums.

Adding Mods to Kenshi[]

Mods can be located through Lo-Fi Games Forum, the Steam Workshop, Nexus Mods, or simply shared between friends. Players can add more mods to their game or remove the mods previously installed easily. After changing which mods are selected, always remember to import your game to avoid issues.

Subscribing to Mods on Steam[]

This method is only available for players who have purchased their game through Steam.

Other ways[]

Creating Mods[]

Players can create mods through the Forgotten Construction Set and the In-Game editor. Please read our related guides. For more specific questions, feel free to post in the Wiki Forum, the official Lo-Fi Games Forum, or the Kenshi Community Discord.

Modding Tutorials FCS Guides

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Note: Discussing Mods on the Wiki

All wiki articles are intended to cover current, un-modded versions of Kenshi. Players can discuss mods through the comments or the forum, but should avoid writing about modded content in standard articles.