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Canhead mighty!

Meat for Canhead!

–- Mighty Canhead

Mighty Canhead is a unique character and member of the Cannibals faction. He will head a Base Assault with 50 other Cannibals if the players has an outpost in or near Cannibal lands. If Mighty Canhead loses the assault, he will try again within 4 days. If he succeeds, there is a 10% chance that he will not return.

Mighty Canhead has a 20,000 Cats Bounty which can be turned in at The Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom, and United Cities police.

They wear [Standard] armour (5% chance of [High]) and have weapons manufactured by Ancient.


Attributes Level
Strength 60
Toughness 30
Dexterity 30
Perception 1

Combat Skills Level
Melee Attack, Melee Defence 30
Dodge, Martial Arts 3

Weapon Skills Level
Blunt, Hackers, Heavy, Katanas, Polearms, Sabres 30

Ranged Skills Level
Turrets 30
Crossbows 1
Precision Shooting 30

Thievery Skills Level
Stealth, Lockpicking, Thievery 1
Assassination 15

Athletic Skills Level
Athletics, Swimming 30

Science Skills Level
Field Medic 30
Engineer, Robotics, Science 1

Trade Skills Level
Weapon Smith, Armour Smith, Labouring, Farming, Cooking 1

Stats randomize by 6
The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Skills will be multiplied by the racial multiplier. Players should also be aware that non-player characters also level up while fighting.