Kenshi Wiki
Stats Affected: Description:
This is your general skill in melee combat. It governs your chance to successfully land a hit on your opponent, and is essential whatever weapon you choose.
-Frequency of attacks on opponent
-Chance of attacks not getting blocked
Ways to Train:
-Fighting with swords
-Using special training equipment

It can be increased up to 5 by using the Mk1 training dummy or 10 by using the Mk2 training dummy.

Racial Experience Multipliers
Negative Multiplier:
There are no races which have negative experience multipliers for this stat.
Positive Multiplier:
-Deadhive Prince
-Deadhive Soldier
-Hive Soldier Drone
-Screamer MkI
-Skeleton No-Head MkII
-Southern Hive Soldier Drone
All multipliers are either 0.8x or 1.2x unless marked otherwise.

Other XP modifiers

To maximize per swing melee attack xp bonus(about 6x), according to Stronger Opponent Logic, character's melee attack skill must be 50 levels below opponents melee DEFENCE or MARTIAL ARTS skill, depending whether the oppenent is armed or not. You can take advantage of skill modifiers such as weapons, backpacks, armor, indoor modifier or weather penalties to adjust the skill difference to your needs.

For example: a Holed Sabre(-4), a large traders backpack(-10) in addition to Hive Prisoner Shackles(-15), a tin can helmet(-5) and a Duststorm weather(-10) would lower attack skill by (-44).

and (+13) melee defense for the opponent: sleeveful dustcoat or longcoat (+5) and jitte or heavy jitte or foreign sabre (+8)

or (+22) martial arts: sleeveless dustcoat(+6), armored rag skirt(+4), martial artist bindings(+4) and an indoor unarmed bonus(+8)