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The blades never rust or need sharpening, and are said to be unbreakable. There are only a handful in existence.

–In-game description


Meitou (名刀, "Famous/Excellent Sword" in Japanese) is the highest weapon grade in the game. Only the legendary smith Cross has been able to craft weapons of this quality. Their weapons are spread around the land of Kenshi, often owned by important dignitaries, rich nobles, or powerful warriors.


Here are the locations of the weapons which are of Meitou grade and currently can be found in the world:

Blunt Weapons[]


Heavy Weapons[]




This article has been updated for Kenshi version 1.0.9.

Squad with all available Meitou weapons equipped


  • The fists of Tinfist could technically be classified as a Meitou weapon, as his fist "weapon" is level 100, the same level as Meitou weapons. Though obviously you cannot acquire it from him.