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Medical Items are items which can be used to heal characters. Medical Items are entirely separate from the trade good Medical Supplies, which has no functional use. First Aid Kits and Splint Kits can be used on all non-skeleton races. Healing with bandages and splints is slow, and it is recommended that characters rest in a Bed or a Camp Bed if they are heavily injured.

Characters which are Skeletons or have robot limbs will need Skeleton Repair Kits to heal their robotic body parts. Skeletons and robot limbs regenerate to a slightly lower health after each time they are damaged, but this wear and tear can be repaired with a Skeleton Repair Bed. If characters are non-skeleton with robot limbs, their non-robotic body parts will be repaired at a high rate while sleeping on a Repair Bed as well.

First Aid Kits

Advanced First Aid Kit.png

First aid kits are used to heal any organic parts of the body. First Aid Kits currently come in three sizes, and while the basic kit needs only fabric to make the more advanced kits require hemp as well:

Picture Kit Type Charges AVG Price Quality Grid Size Charge/Cat Charge/Grid
Basic First Aid Kit.png
Basic 150 c.70 5 1x2 2.14 75
Standard First Aid Kit.png
Standard 400 c.138 40 2x2 2.90 100
Advanced First Aid Kit.png
Advanced 1000 c.265 100 2x3 3.77 166.67

Splint Kits

Advanced Splint Kit.png

Splint Kits are used to temporarily give HP to significantly damaged organic limbs. If a limb falls below 50 health, a Splint Kit can be used to fix it. Splinting is done automatically after healing if the medic has a kit.

The splint kit currently comes in two different sizes.

Picture Kit Type Charges AVG Price Quality Grid Size
Splint Kit.png
Splint Kit 100 c.410 25 2x2
Advanced Splint Kit.png
Advanced Splint Kit 100 c.311 50 3x3


Skeleton Repair Kits are used to repair damage done to Robotic parts.

Picture Kit Type Charges AVG Price Quality Grid Size
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit 100 c.1,550 20 2x3
Skeleton Repair Kit.png
Skeleton Repair Kit 500 c.4,341 50 2x3

Robot Limbs

Robot Limbs are a necessity in a world where everything either wants to kill you or eat you up. Kenshi is a dangerous world and losing a limb or two is a big possibility. Luckily scavenged parts from a forgotten era can easily be a replacement for a lost limb.

After a character of any race has a limb drop to -100% of the limb's total possible health, they lose that limb. There are settings in the Options Menu which can increase or decrease the likelihood of loss of limbs. If they are healed before they die of bloodloss, this limb can be replaced with a Robot Limb. Skeletons are not exempt from losing limbs in this way.


All First Aid Kits and Splints can be purchased from relevant Traders or produced at a Medical Bench.

Robotic Repair Kits can be created at a Robotics Bench.

Factoring Skill

First Aid, Splint and Skeleton Repair Kits possess a quality modifier, which must be met by your Field Medic or Robotics skills to be effectively used. Having a higher skill also reduces the speed in which the Kit will be used up.