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Lost Armour Store is a building in the north-east part of Stobe's Gamble.

House name is Armoury, faction is Second Empire.

House type is outpost s-1.

The door is locked with a lvl 72 security.

The first floor has an empty armor plate storage, an empty ore storage, a wooden barrel, two armour storages, and a general storage chest. It also contains a heavy armour smithy, a plate beating station, and a chainmail sheet fabrication bench.

The second floor has a leather tanning bench, a leather armour crafting bench, and a chain armour crafting bench. The storage containers on this floor are two chainmail storage, one pile of general storage boxes, a metal chest, a wooden barrel, and two empty secure weapon cabinets. IMPORTANT: there is a safe with a level 74 lock obscured behind two metal interior walls.