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Locksmith Training Box
Locksmith Training Box.png
Type: Interior
Materials cost:
Iron Plates 2
Estimated build time: 0 hrs

A simple locked box used to practice the art of lockpicking. It has a transparent cutaway on the side, so beginners can see how a lock works internally.

Locksmith Training Boxes are training buildings. Players can construct this building after researching Lockpick Training. The Locksmith Training Box's primary purpose is to improve the character's Lockpicking statistic, without the dangers of practicing on the belongings of others.

Similarly to other training equipment, a character may train only to a certain level, beyond which your character will still "train" but no progress will be made to the next level.

Lock Box Upgrades[]

Building Level Material Cost Max Training Level Estimated Build Time
Locksmith Training Box  2 x Iron Plates 11 0 hrs
Locksmith Training Box II 4 x Iron Plates 21 1 hr
Locksmith Training Box III 3 x Iron Plates

3 x Hinge

1 x Steel Bars

1x Spring Steel

31 1 hr