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In the world of Kenshi, much like the real world, lighting plays more than an aesthetic role and is a small but important factor to take into account when doing anything from collecting resources to waging war. Characters suffer a penalty when performing jobs without sufficient lighting, this applies to working a mine, a craft bench, or fighting, among other activities. It may seem like a small consideration, but if you are trying to craft high quality equipment you may find your character struggles during the night, or take a penalty to their stats once the light fades away.

Loading Screen Tips
Working in the dark is less efficient. Build some lights in your base.

To combat this there are several ways to provide a light source during the night, these range from lower tier solutions such as the torch post, to higher tier constructions like interior lighting and light posts, which run off of electricity.

All the lighting options that are currently in-game can be found in the research bench, and then in the lighting section of the build menu. It is important to note that, it is unclear right now if camp fires and torches remove the penalty (partially or completely) and if they don't, whether this is an intended feature or not. However, the higher tier lighting options do impact effectiveness which should be displayed on your characters statistics in-game.


Ceiling Fan Lamp
Ceiling Lamp
Electrical Torch Post
Light Post