Large Backpack.png
Large Backpack
-Weight 8 kg
-Price c.3,000
-Sell Value c.1,500
-Encumbrance reduction 50%
-Combat skills bonus -10
-Athletics effect 1.00x
-Combat speed effect 0.80x
-Stealth skill effect 0.25x
-Dodge skill effect 0.25x
This backpack is huge. Don't even think about fighting with this on your back. The thing weighs a ton just when its empty. Do you seriously think you can fill it full of iron or something and be able to lift it? Let alone carry it across the desert!? Go get a smaller one.

Large Backpack is an unwieldy backpack that will hamper your fighting ability, but of all backpacks available to humans, Shek, Hive and Skeleton, it has the largest grid, which is 12x20. Only the Garru Backpack and Bull Backpack are larger and being able to stack Trade Goods, which this bag can't. Due to this bag being the one with the most penalties, it can also be used by characters to lower their combat skills for training.

It can be bought from any General Item Trader for 3000 Cats.

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