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King will protect us, King will be happy with us...


King is a unique Crimper and a leader of the Southern Hive. He can be found wandering the Royal Valley alongside his Droneguards. If imprisoned by the Southern Hive, King will appear and begin to eat the character.

If the player has kidnapped the Queen, King will join a Base Assault against the player. This base assault squad also contains a Prince, a War Gorillo, and 8 Droneguards.


When spawned at the Southern Hive, King will spawn with an age multiplier of 2.30x to 2.50x, bringing his skills well over 100. He is very powerful, and one of the strongest melee combatants in the game. However, when spawned as part of the raid that attempts to rescue the Queen of the South, he will only spawn with a multiplier of 0.80x to 1.00x, making him much weaker in that scenario.

Attributes Level
Melee Attack 60
Strength 60
Dexterity 60
Toughness 60
Stats randomize by 3
Teen (0.40x) 160 days
Adult (0.60x) 240 days
Elder (1.10x) 440 days

The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that animal characters level up as they grow, and may be stronger or weaker depending on their current age.

Although he is supposed to have an AI Core, it may not spawn due to his small inventory.

Death Items
Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Item Quantity Average Price
AI Core.png
AI Core 1 25,000
Armour Plating.png
Armour Plating 4 504
CPU Unit.png
CPU Unit 4 6,000
Robotics Components.png
Robotics Components 4 2,838

Health Statistics[]

King has a blood (oil) colour of 28 27 23 RGB.

  • Hunger rate: 5
  • Vision Range mult: 1
  • Oil: 875
  • Bleed rate: 0.2
  • Heal rate: 1
  • Extra attack slots: 2


  • Speed: 17-31 mph
  • Combat Move Speed Mult: 1


Body Part Total Health Chance of Hitting
Head 1200 100
Chest 900 100
Stomach 900 100
Right Arm 750 100
Left Arm 750 100
Right Leg 450 100
Left Leg 450 100