The Kenshi Wiki has been around for a while with random users who attempted to make templates to affect style. Many of these templates did not end up working out and clutter the template categories. This page is to help new users understand which templates are in use.

There are currently 41 active users on the wiki. If you are struggling to understand something or have an idea for improvements regarding formatting, please go to the Wiki Talk forum and post there.

There are many different types of pages and they all have different styles. Please go to the template pages linked here for explanations of correct usage.

Multipurpose Templates Edit

These templates should be used wherever users feel there is a need for them.

Notices Edit

Notices typically appear at the top of pages. Many notices add a category to the page when they are placed.

Templates by Category Edit

Category:Races Edit

Category:Items Edit

Category:Characters Edit

Category:Animals Edit

Category:Factions Edit

Category:Locations Edit

Category:Spawning Locations and single vendor locations will use Vendor templates (found in Vendor list below)

Category:Zones Edit

Category:Armour Edit

When there are multiple grades for an armour item:

When there is only one grade for an armour item:

Regarding crafting sections:

Category:Technology Edit

Category:Vendors Edit

Category:Statistics Edit

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