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Kenshi 2 is a prequel to Kenshi that is still under development by Lo-Fi Games. It was originally going to be made in the latest version of OGRE, though this was later changed and it is now being built in the Unreal Engine 4 game engine[1]. The game is set around 1,000 years prior to the original game[2], though the game world will still be in a post-apocalyptic state during this time period[3], and they may have only slightly more advanced technology[4].

There is currently no confirmed release date. Early access is likely to be skipped this time around, as the funding is not needed, and doing so significantly speeds up development. There may be a beta phase towards the end of development to assist with bug testing however[5].

Currently major known planned features include a larger and expanded world[6], with new and old landmasses to explore[7], more dynamic faction interactions[8], as well as a major new game changing system that is being kept secret[9]. Multiplayer is not planned for the game[10].




Kenshi 2 - Pre-Alpha Footage Time of Day Test


Kenshi 2 - Skimmer (pre-alpha)


Kenshi 2 - Free Placement Mode (Pre-Alpha)


Kenshi 2 - Grid Snapping Mode (Pre-Alpha)


Kenshi 2 - Furniture Alignment Mode (Pre-Alpha)


Kenshi 2 Gate