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Junk is a term used to describe an item with no useful function to serve other than being a miscellaneous or trade item. A majority of junk items can be found in the upper floors of Ancient Labs, in locked or open crates. These items usually weigh a large amount, like the Generator Core, or a little, like Gears. Junk items can be extremely valuable if your character(s) have a high enough Strength to carry them, as well as a backpack for surplus.

Junk Items

Item Average Price Chance
Animal Claw.png
Animal Claw c.90 Common
Animal Teeth.png
Animal Teeth c.30 Common
Capacitor c.90 Common
Ceramic Bowl.png
Ceramic Bowl c.180 Common
CPU Unit.png
CPU Unit c.6,000 Common
Damaged Book.png
Damaged Book c.6 Common
Empty Grog Can.png
Empty Grog Can c.3 Common
Empty Rum Bottle.png
Empty Rum Bottle c.3 Common
Gears c.162 Common
Generator Core.png
Generator Core c.2,755 Common
Grind Machine.png
Grind Machine c.900 Common
Medical Supplies.png
Medical Supplies c.120 Common
Old Map.png
Old Map c.180 Common
Parchment c.180 Common
Pearl Sword Holder.png
Pearl Sword Holder c.300 Common
Pearl Urn.png
Pearl Urn c.600 Common
Power Core.png
Power Core c.3,000 Common
Rotten Food.png
Rotten Food c.0 Common
Small Emperor Statue.png
Small Emperor Statue c.90 Common
Skeleton Eye.png
Skeleton Eye c.3,600 Common
Water Jug.png
Water Jug c.30 Common
Wooden Bowl.png
Wooden Bowl c.12 Common
Wrench c.90 Common