The Jobs window of the UI

Jobs are an ordered set of commands that are given by holding Shift and Right-clicking on a task. Characters with the Jobs button enabled will attempt to do the jobs starting from the top of the list. If one job cannot be completed, the character will move to the next one. If a higher-priority job becomes available again, they will usually abandon their current job to address it.

Types of Jobs

These are the categories which jobs fall under:

  • First Aid: this includes the Medic and Robotics jobs. They can be added through the medic button or when clicking to heal a character. These jobs remain active even when Jobs has been deselected for that character.
  • Work: this includes all jobs where a character is using a machine or farm.
  • Auto-Haul: when characters have these jobs active, they will carry items to the related Storage building. Characters take these items from either their inventory or the building which generates it.
  • Collection: players can give characters the job of finding dead bodies in order to bring them to a Corpse Furnace as well as the job of looting the bodies of fallen Animals.


  • Jobs can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping. The job you drag onto and everything below it will be pushed down.
  • The Jobs list will be cleared upon becoming a slave and you will be given the Obedient Slave job instead.
  • Some jobs, like Medic and Turret jobs, will be given priority whenever a viable target is found, regardless of their position on the list. These jobs will only stop after being removed from the character's list entirely.
  • Jobs for outpost-related things like mining and machinery will be ignored once the character gets too far from the outpost the job was issued for. Eventually the description of the job in the window will become simplified and it might not be restored when the character returns.
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