Some trade goods.

In Kenshi, you will come across many different items by either looting or buying from traders. Items serve many purposes in Kenshi, and drastically affect the play-style you choose. They can range from simply being trade goods bought and sold for profit, to Weapons, Armour and Clothing. Some of these item types and usages are listed below.


One of the main aspects of Kenshi is to outfit your characters with armour, weapons, and clothing. Your characters have 9 equipment slots, each with a designated purpose that can be filled with one item. These slots are:

  • Weapon 1 - The primary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Weapon 2 - The secondary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Belt - The slot for equipment held on the belt, Lanterns Only
  • Head - The slot for head based apparel, Headgear Only
  • Chest - The slot for chest based apparel, Shirts Only
  • Armour - The slot for chest based apparel, Body Armour Only
  • Legs - The slot for leg based apparel, Legwear Only
  • Feet - The slot for footwear, Footwear Only
  • Backpack - The slot for a backpack, Backpacks Only
  • Limbs - Slots for all four limbs, Robot Limbs Only

 Item List Edit

This is a list of all the items separated into their respective categories, and displayed with their base value. You can visit the item's pages to see how to make/acquire them, and what recipes they are used in. (Note: It is highly likely many values are placeholders. Especially for items currently not available.)

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Medical Edit

  • Advanced First Aid Kit -- (514)
  • Advanced Splint Kit -- (600)
  • Authentic Skeleton Repair Kit (1550)
  • Basic First Aid Kit -- (70)
  • Skeleton Repair Kit -- (4341)
  • Splint Kit -- (410)
  • Standard First Aid Kit -- (138)

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These items are used to build or are used in buildings to create other items.

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