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Human Skin Suit.png
Human Skin Suit
-Weight 1 kg
-Value c.100
-Sell value c.25
[No Armour Coverage]
A crude suit made out of human skin, expertly torn off it's original owner in sheets and loosely tied on with wire. The perfect disguise.

Human Skin Suit is a Body Armour worn by Skin Bandits.

While it claims to be the perfect disguise, somehow the fleshies can tell that you are a skeleton.

Because for every good thing there has to be another good thing, the Skin Bandits also store another type of Human Skin clothing.


Just humans being humans, doing human things.

We are not sure why it's a separate item, all humans have one so they can do normal human things like breathing through their nostrils and going on a walk with their legs.

If anyone can shine light on this mystery please contribute.


Human Skin Suit

[Research Blueprint]

Tech Level 1
New Armour Type Human Skin Suit
Skeleton-Human Transformation Bible
[Research Blueprint]
Savant's secret alchemical formula for turning skeletons into humans
Research Level 3

The suit blueprint could be found in Skinhouse HQ and the other Skinhouses in earlier game versions but has now been removed. Instead, the Skeleton-Human Transformation Bible blueprint found on Savant now grants crafting of the suit as well as the Peeler Machine.