Nothing ever truly changes. Trends, cultures, languages, rulers... they come and go. But behaviour bred from greed and fear hold human evolution at a standstill. Any kind of progress made is usually destroyed... reset in one way or another. Like a wave, it evolves and it falls again...

Burn, about human evolution

Humans populate the majority of the Kenshi. Human is a Race category which includes Greenlanders and Scorchlanders.

Greenlanders Edit

Greenlanders are essentially like real life humans. They don't have many stat bonuses and are the baseline for the game's hunger rate.

Scorchlanders Edit

Scorchlanders are humans with glowing eyes. They typically have black or blue-black skin and silver-white hair. They have stat bonuses mostly centered around crafting skills and elusiveness.

History Edit

According to bits and pieces of clues displayed throughout the world of Kenshi, ancient Humans created titanic Skeleton beings alongside smaller, more "worker drone"-esque Skeletons before becoming dissatisfied and disgusted with their creations, committing a mass genocide at Obedience which most likely made the holy nation if they weren't like how they are in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • When the game first released, this was the only available species.
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