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This weapon was made by your faction.

–In-game description

Homemade weapons are weapons crafted by players using the Weapon Smithing Bench. The model made is determined by several factors:

  • The character's Weapon Smith skill, with each model being unlocked in 5 or 10 level intervals. The skill also determines critical chance - the chance to create a weapon one model higher than normally allowed.
  • The Weapon Smithing Bench. Barring criticals, a level 1 Bench will allow crafting until Refitted Blade quality, a level 2 Bench will allow until Catun No. 3 quality, and a level 3 Bench will allow the maximum researchable quality Edge Type 1.
  • Unlocked Research. Each level of Basic Weapon Grades allows crafting weapons until Catun No. 1 quality. Advanced Weapon Grades is required for crafting models until Mk III quality, and Edgewalkers is required for the Edge Type 1 quality.

Any weapon made by the player faction will appear as created by this manufacturer, along with the name of the specific smith of player's faction who made it (for example "Ruka of Nameless"). Playing with faction name and smith's name can lead to interesting results such as "Weapon of Hunters" for a weapon made by a character named "Weapon" of the "Hunters" faction or "Side Blade of Archers" made by a character named "Side Blade" of the "Archers" faction. With a heavy reliance on the Plastic Surgeon this trick can be used to standardise the weapons and create uniform sets of weapons (and armour).

When compared to other manufacturers, Homemade weapons have no inherent bonus or penalty. As such, Homemade weapons are the standard for weapon values. In game, however, usually translates to Homemade weapons being slightly inferior to the equal model of another Manufacturer. For example, they have lesser blunt damage (but are lighter) than the Catun Scrapmasters' weapons and lesser cut damage than the Edgewalkers' weapons (not to mention not being able to craft Homemade Edge Type 3s). With regard to the top quality weapons the general rule is that Homemade Edge 2 is somewhere in between Edgewalkers Edge 1-2, meaning that a self-sufficient player will not get the best weapons unless they import Edgewalkers Edge 2+ weapons.


  • Rusted Junk
  • Rusting Blade
  • Mid-Grade Salvage
  • Old Refitted Blade
  • Refitted Blade
  • Catun No.1
  • Catun No.2
  • Catun No.3
  • Mk I
  • Mk II
  • Mk III
  • Edge Type 1
  • Edge Type 2