Holy Nation Bar is the bar specifically found in The Holy Nation. This variant is used in all Holy Nation towns which have a bar. The most distinct difference between this bar and ones found outside The Holy Nation is that this bar's residents are exclusively human races.

 Possible Locations Edit

Residents Edit

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Bread c.488 Common
Cooked Vegetables
Cooked Vegetables c.318 Common
Dried Fish
Dried Fish c.360 Common
Dried Meat
Dried Meat c.78 Common
Foodcube c.874 Common
Greenfruit c.30 Common
Grog c.1,155 Common
Meatwrap c.658 Common
Water c.25 Common
Water Jug
Water Jug c.30 Common
Icon Name Type Average Price Chance
A Holy Purpose
A Holy Purpose Book c.90
Birth Of The Phoenix
Birth Of The Phoenix Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance I
Scripture of Radiance Vol. I Book
Scripture of Radiance II
Scripture of Radiance Vol. II Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance III
Scripture of Radiance Vol. III Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance IV
Scripture of Radiance Vol. IV Book
Scripture of Radiance V
Scripture of Radiance Vol. V Book c.90
The Guiding Light I
The Guiding Light I Book
The Guiding Light II
The Guiding Light II Book
The Guiding Light III
The Guiding Light III Book
The Guiding Light IV
The Guiding Light IV Book c.60
The Guiding Light V
The Guiding Light V Book
The Guiding Light VI
The Guiding Light VI Book
The Holy Crusade
The Holy Crusade Book
The Little Boy That Got Dismembered By Skeletons
The Little Boy That Got Dismembered By Skeletons Book c.20

Wanted Posters Edit

  • WANTED: Butcher Of Black Scratch
  • WANTED: Ells
  • WANTED: Moll
  • WANTED: The Black Dragon Duo
  • WANTED: The Canyonlands Killer
  • WANTED: The Preacher
  • WANTED: The Red Bandit
  • WANTED: Voodoo Brothers
  • WANTED: Sand Ninja Oni
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