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Holy Mines are a series of similar minor outposts located in territory owned by The Holy Nation. They are mining operations that utilize slave labor, managed by High Overseers of the Holy Nation. Player can discover their location by reading the Glorious Holy Map.

There are in total 5 Holy Mines, 3 are located in Skinner's Roam while the other 2 are located in Okran's Gulf.

Lower Servants, as well as any enemies captured from the surrounding area like bandits, are kept caged in Slave Shops during the night, and are made to go to work during the day. However, it should be noted that the player is not able to buy or sell slaves in this location.

Holy Mines are protected by Holy Sentinels and Paladins, who serve as guards and slave drivers. Slavers aligned with the Holy Nation can be found at the Holy Mines as well, presumably hired as extra help.


  • With stealth and assassination of around 50, holy mines can be cleared by knocking out and kidnapping those within one by one.
  • Unaligned players should be careful, as characters that end up knocked out near the gates may be enslaved by the resident overseer.