Holy Mechanical Shop is a shop which sells construction materials.

Locations Edit

Depending on World States, this vendor might spawn in these locations:

Residents Edit

Possible Stock

Item Average Price Chance
Armour Plating
Armour Plating c.504 Uncommon
Book c.300 Common
Building Materials
Building Materials c.108 Common
Chainmail Sheets
Chainmail Sheets c.2,527 Uncommon
Electrical Components
Electrical Components c.216 Common
Fabrics c.63 Uncommon
Fuel c.192 Common
Gears c.162 Uncommon
Generator Core
Generator Core c.2,755 Uncommon
Hacksaw c.72 Uncommon
Iron Plates
Iron Plates c.135 Common
Leather c.156 Uncommon
Spring Steel
Spring Steel c.259 Uncommon
Steel Bars
Steel Bars c.648 Common


  • Advanced Outpost Blueprints
  • Advanced Harpoonery
  • Basic Furniture
  • Random Furniture
Icon Name Type Average Price Chance
A Holy Purpose
A Holy Purpose Book c.90
Birth Of The Phoenix
Birth Of The Phoenix Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance I
Scripture of Radiance Vol. I Book
Scripture of Radiance II
Scripture of Radiance Vol. II Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance III
Scripture of Radiance Vol. III Book c.90
Scripture of Radiance IV
Scripture of Radiance Vol. IV Book
Scripture of Radiance V
Scripture of Radiance Vol. V Book c.90
The Guiding Light I
The Guiding Light I Book
The Guiding Light II
The Guiding Light II Book
The Guiding Light III
The Guiding Light III Book
The Guiding Light IV
The Guiding Light IV Book c.60
The Guiding Light V
The Guiding Light V Book
The Guiding Light VI
The Guiding Light VI Book
The Holy Crusade
The Holy Crusade Book
The Little Boy That Got Dismembered By Skeletons
The Little Boy That Got Dismembered By Skeletons Book c.20
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