Okran's Will shall be done

–Phoenix victorious over an enemy

Phoenix LXII, blessed be his name, is the leader of the Holy Nation, the 62nd Phoenix in an ancient lineage of reincarnated Lawgivers. The Lawgiver is said to be the messenger of Okran , the chosen saviour who once unshackled men from a savage life to a holy purpose under the law of god. On Phoenix I’s deathbed he announced that he would be reborn again into the body of the next first born male, and his descendants have directly enforced ‘Okran’s will’ ever since.

In particular, the Holy Lord Phoenix LXII, blessed be his name, is one of the harshest in the line of the Phoenixes. Brought up and indoctrinated in isolation during the whole of his childhood, he was lumbered with the responsibility of judging his own family at the young age of 16. He sentenced them to be purged in the Divine Flame and has unrelentingly cast the judgement of Okran ever since.

Location Edit

Phoenix LXII resides in Blister Hill in his throne room.

He is surrounded by his High Paladin entourage and his personal bodyguard, the Protector of the Flame.

Dialogue Edit

Lord Phoenix will not talk to you if you have not proven your worth in the eye of Okran (Have enough relation with The Holy Nation). For example you can capture Moll and turn her in to The Holy Nation and Lord Phoenix will want to personally reward you. If you complete this task, Lord Phoenix will bless you and give you the Chalice Of Fire, but your relationship with Flotsam Ninjas will plummet.

He also will not talk to you if you are a woman, and may cause a humorous dialogue if talked to as one, or immediately attacked by the surrounding High Paladins.

They wear [Masterwork] armour and have weapons manufactured by Cross.


Attributes Level
Strength 85
Toughness 85
Dexterity 85
Perception 1

Combat Skills Level
Melee Attack, Melee Defence 85
Dodge, Martial Arts 85/10

Weapon Skills Level
Blunt, Hackers, Heavy, Katanas, Polearms, Sabres 85

Ranged Skills Level
Turrets 85
Crossbows 1
Precision Shooting 85

Thievery Skills Level
Stealth, Lockpicking, Thievery 1
Assassination 85/2

Athletic Skills Level
Athletics, Swimming 85

Science Skills Level
Field Medic 85
Engineer, Robotics, Science 1

Trade Skills Level
Weapon Smith, Armour Smith, Labouring, Farming, Cooking 1

Stats randomize by 3
The Statistics here are taken from FCS. Players should be aware that non-player characters also level up while fighting.
Lord Phoenix

Older version of the Phoenix