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Holy Armor Shop is the standard Armour Shop found in The Holy Nation.

Possible Locations[]


Possible Stock

Armour Grades Chance
Chainmail Uncommon
Chain Shirt.png
Chain Shirt Uncommon
Drifter's Boots.png
Drifter's Boots Common
Heart Protector.png
Heart Protector Common
Holy Chest Plate.png
Holy Chest Plate Common
Leather Shirt.png
Leather Shirt Common
Leather Turtleneck.png
Leather Turtleneck Common
Leather Vest.png
Leather Vest Common
Masked Helmet.png
Masked Helmet Common
Plated Longboots.png
Plated Longboots Common
Rusty Chainmail.png
Rusty Chainmail Common
Rusty Chain Shirt.png
Rusty Chain Shirt Common
Tin Can.png
Tin Can Common
Trader's Leathers.png
Trader's Leathers Common
Visored Helmet.png
Visored Helmet Common


  • Heart Protector