Hive Prisoner Shackles
-Weight 20 kg
-Value c.0
-Sell value c.0
[No Armour Coverage]
Heavy prisoner shackles. They stop you from running and doing a lot of things. They also trip you up in combat. They are locked on, you need to pick the lock somehow.

Hive Prisoner Shackles are shackles specifically for Hive and Skeleton prisoners since they do not have a boots slot and cannot have regular Prisoner Shackles equipped, as well as Human or Shek characters who have prosthetic legs. These shackles are instead equipped in the armour slot. They have a lock level of 20 and a strength level of 20.

This footwear has inventory dimensions of 3x4.

Hive Prisoner Shackles

-Weight 20 kg
[No Armour Coverage]
-Stealth effect 0.36x
-Athletics effect 0.86x
-Combat speed effect 0.95x
-Melee attack bonus -15
-Melee defence bonus -15
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