The Hive is a Race of stick-like humanoid who are meant to collaborate under a collective mind, ruled by a Hive Queen and her princes. Hive characters are separated into many subspecies with their own unique appearance. After being separated from the Hive, Hiver characters cannot return and are considered "Hiveless".

There are two hive minds: Western Hive and Southern Hive. Both of these hives are lead by a character which is of the race Hive Queen.

Western Hive Edit

The Western Hive is the friendliest Hive Faction. Western Hive can be found in many zones of Kenshi, often in Trade Caravans. This faction is home to hivers who are of these races:

Southern Hive Edit

The Southern Hive is a violent faction. They can originally only be found in the southeastern quarter of Kenshi, but depending on World States created by the player, they can invade new areas. This faction is home to hivers who are of these races:

Fogmen Edit

When hivers are separated from their hive, they can become corrupted and turned into Fogmen. Fogmen are insane, cannibalistic, and numerous. Players should be careful when Fogmen are nearby. This faction is home to hivers who are of these races:

Trivia Edit

  • Raw Meat, including Foul Raw Meat, is edible by Hivers.
  • Hivers apparently love fish. Deadcat fish sellers will especially try to get the attention of Hivers.
  • There is a culture of racism toward the Hive in the United Cities, evidenced by the United Weekly Series
  • Hivers experience similar xenophobic remarks from the Holy Nation as Sheks do. Holy Nation military will harass and attack hivers that approach their cities alone.
  • Hiver merchants dislike Hiveless, and will refuse to sell them goods.