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Heng is a United Cities settlement built on top of a rocky plateau, located southwest of Heft and east of Tengu's Vault. Heng is connected to its satellite-city - the Trader's Edge by a metal bridge, giving access to the Traders Guild HQ. This makes it the main trading town for the Empire and therefore well defended. You can find Heng simply through exploration or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories).

It relies upon shipments from Stone Camp, South Stone Camp and Eyesocket. Therefore it is supported by most slave camps than any other Major UC town, making it the town with the most stable local economy in the UC.

Lord Yoshinaga can be found in the Noble House, being in it is considered trespassing. He is protected by many Hooded Empire Noble Guards.

This town is noteworthy for having a Thieves Guild where the player could buy sneaky equipments from, and a Robotics Workshop where characters in need of robotic repairs and replacements can go to.

The player can often time encounter Harmothoe's trade caravan in Heng or it's neighboring city, Trader's Edge.

There is a true wonder of the Desert region found in the mountainous area just East of Heng - a small and beautiful lake.

Player owned buildings in Heng are not safe from Town Overrides.

Buildings and Shops[]

Buildings for Sale[]

Town Overrides[]

Malnourished Heng[]

A malnourished state can be reached if Slave Masters Grande, Haga, and Ruben are killed or kidnapped.

Half-Destroyed Heng[]

Kidnapping or killing Longen or Emperor Tengu result in the town being half-destroyed.

Empire Peasants Heng (Prosperous)[]

If Longen and Emperor Tengu are both killed/imprisoned while Tinfist is alive and free, Heng will have a prosperous override and transferred to Empire Peasants.

Empire Peasants Heng[]

If Longen, Emperor Tengu and Tinfist are all killed/imprisoned, Heng will be transfered to Empire Peasants.


  • Previously, neither bars spawned any NPCs other than the barkeeper, disallowing any recruitment in Heng. This has been fixed in patch 1.0.51.
  • Heng is the only northern town in UC that doesn't have any "camp bed slums".