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Heft is the current Capital of the United Cities and is located in The Great Desert region. The economy of this town is relied upon the supplies from both Port South and the stable economy of Heng. It is located directly east of Stoat, Southeast of Sho-Battai, and Northeast of Heng.

Heft is home to Emperor Tengu, leader of the United Cities, as well as Lord Ohta, one of the members of the Noble Circle. Koin, who is in charge of the United Cities' diplomatic affairs, can also be found here.

Next to the Faction HQ is a 'yard' separated from the rest of the town by makeshift walls and gate alongside the Samurai Gate Sergeant and the Samurai Gate Guards guarding the gate. Inside this area a building alongside several camp beds can be found, the latter being most likely slums for the homeless to sleep constructed by the government or peasants themselves.

This town is noteworthy for having a unique Heft-variant Armory Shop which sells the best armor in the entire UC, alongside a Thieves Guild where the player could buy sneaky equipments from, and a Robotics Workshop where characters in need of robotic repairs or replacements can go to.

The player can find it by exploration or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Central Territories).

Player owned buildings in Heft are not safe from Town Overrides.

Buildings and Shops

Buildings for Sale

Town overrides

Heft can be affected by multiple World States to produce the following Town Overrides.


  • Heft also existed in the Alpha version of the game.
  • The towns name 'Heft' could be a reference to the political and economical weight of this town. Or Emperor Tengu's weight.