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Heavy Armour Smithy
Heavy Armour Smithy.png
Type: Interior/exterior
Materials cost:
Building Materials 5
Iron Plates 10
Estimated build time: 3 hrs

A heavy duty forge for crafting heavy plate armour. It can be built outside too, although that will leave it vulnerable to damage in harsh weather.
Heavy Armour Smithy.jpg

The Heavy Armour Smithy is a crafting building type introduced in patch 0.50. This crafting station allows players to craft metal plate-based armour by hand. Requires Plate Armour Crafting.

Heavy Armour Smithy
Armour Plating

Armour Plating.png

(holds 5)



(holds 5)

N.B. Armoured Rags and Armoured Rag Skirt have coloured variants that can also be crafted at the Heavy Armour Smithy. Holy Chest Plate and Skeleton Mask, however, cannot be made without a blueprint which is absent in the vanilla game.


  • Power Consumption - 10
  • Efficiency - 100%
  • Produces - Armours
  • Can't be upgraded 
  • Workers - 1