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Headgear Shop is a shop which sells Headgear and related blueprints.

 Possible Locations[]


This location has a gear Artifacts value of 50,000 Cats, meaning it will spawn armour and weapons from the Artifacts system.

Possible Stock

Armoured Headgear Grades Chance
Armoured Hood.png
Armoured Hood Common
Bandana Common
Black Bandana.png
Black Bandana Common
Hachigane Common
Iron Hat.png
Iron Hat Common
Masked Helmet.png
Masked Helmet Common
Rattan Hat.png
Rattan Hat Common
Side-Angle Hachigane.png
Side-Angle Hachigane Common
Tagelmust Common
Tricorn Hat.png
Tricorn Hat Common
Tin Can.png
Tin Can Common
Visored Helmet.png
Visored Helmet Common

Unarmoured Headgear Average Price Chance
Cap c.Missing data Common
Sandogasa c.10 Common
Square Goggles.png
Square Goggles c.Missing data Common
Straw Hat.png
Straw Hat c.Missing data Common
Wool Hat.png
Wool Hat c.Missing data Common


  • Straw Hat
  • Rattan Hat
  • Masked Helmet
  • Visored Helmet
  • Tagelmust
  • Bandana
  • Side-Angle Hachigane
  • Iron Hat
  • Karuta Zukin
  • Kusari Zukin
  • Black Bandana
  • Red Bandana
  • Armoured Face Plates
  • Armoured Hood
  • Sandogasa