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Hashish (also known as Hash) is a trade good and a generally illegal drug made from Hemp. Hashish is illegal in most places throughout the world, leading to a hugely profitable markup outside of where its produced, but comparatively very few buyers available.

Players can also produce hashish themselves by researching Hashish Production and building a Hemp Processor. These structures are illegal and may attract unwanted attention from nearby factions which outlaw it. A hefty flow of hemp is required to mass produce hashish.

Hemp Processor

(5 required)


(1 required)

Faction Towns Markup Multiplier
Shek Kingdom Admag, Squin, Last Stand 350%
Slave Traders Eyesocket, Port North, Port South, Slave Markets 600%
The Holy Nation Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack 400%
United Cities Bark, Heft, Heng, Sho-Battai, Stoat 1200%
United Cities Clownsteady, Drifter's Last 500%

Additionally the Tech Hunters in Mourn and Flats Lagoon will buy at 400% Markup.


Hashish can be purchased in Hive Villages and in The Swamp. Hemp, the main ingredient of Hashish, can be purchased throughout the world (with a notable exception being the United Cities), but large quantities are necessary for the production of Hashish (Thus, farming it yourself is recommended).


  • Best places to sell would be any Shinobi Thieves tower in United Cities territory. Clownsteady is an attractive location due to it being the town closest to The Swamp, though selling there means just 250% markup (500%*50%), while you make a whopping 600% (1200%*50%) in more distant UC cities.
  • Large quantities can be found in the Secret Drug Farm located in Stobe's Gamble and sold at the nearby Flats Lagoon.
  • Flats Lagoon is near The Swamp and will buy Hashish for a sizable markup.
  • You can sell Hashish from a Shop Counter literally anywhere, but it's just plain 100% price.
  • Hashish can NOT be sold to Thief fence in bars, but they can be sold to Shinobi Trader in Shinobi towers.

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Initially, there was an item named Narcotics which performed the same funcion as Hashish.