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Affects damage. Often considered a thug's weapon, hackers are heavy axe-bladed weapons that do as much blunt damage as chopping damage, relying mainly on brute strength rather than skill. The crude blades don't cause as much bloodloss, so victims tend to get maimed to death instead. Easy to learn, not much to master.

–Hacker Weapon Skill description

Moon Cleaver

Hackers are a class of weapons that specialize in a balance between cutting and blunt damage. These weapons typically deal additional damage to Robots and have greater Armour Penetration than other weapons.

The Hackers skill determines damage with weapons classified as such. There are currently six weapons classified as Hackers. Only the Short-Cleaver can be equipped in the secondary weapon slot and used when the character's left arm is unavailable.

Weapon Armour Penetration Damage vs Animals Damage vs Humans Damage vs Robots Reach
Combat Cleaver.png
Combat Cleaver
+30% -10% +0% +25% 19
Flesh Cleaver.png
Flesh Cleaver
+30% -10% +20% +14% 16
Long Cleaver.png
Long Cleaver
+30% -10% +0% +20% 25
Moon Cleaver.png
Moon Cleaver
+30% -10% +0% +20% 18
Paladin's Cross.png
Paladin's Cross
+30% -10% -10% +50% 23
+10% -10% +0% +20% 17

Meitou Weapon Locations

Meitou grade weapons are ageless weapons manufactured by the legendary weapon smith Cross. Currently, there are four such weapons which belong to the Hacker Class.

There are no Flesh Cleavers or Long Cleavers that were manufactured by Cross.