Hopefully, this Guide to User Interface and Controls can answer any questions players have about default control settings and Kenshi's extensive UI.

Controls Edit

All keyboard controls can be changed in the Options Menu. The default keys for controls are listed here.

User Interfaces Edit

The first actionable screen which users encounter is the Main Menu.

When starting a new game, players will be taken to Character Customization. After completing character customization, players will be shown the Loading Screen. The loading screen will also appear after loading or importing a previous save.

During game, players can hit the C key to open the Statistics window. This window will display all skills and levels which the selected character has, as well as descriptions for each skill when the skill is hovered-over with the mouse.

In order to find out about what resources are nearby, players can make use of their selected character's Science stat and Prospect the area. This opens a screen with statistics, wind speeds, and a heat map, the scale of which is determined by skill level.

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