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If you don't want to be attacked everywhere you go, you gotta make some allies or at least not attack everyone

At -30 Relations, factions become hostile towards the player. At +50 Relations, factions become allied to the player.

Important Characters[]

Faction Pacifiers[]

Pacifiers are people found in the various bars of the world that you can pay a large amount of cats to in exchange for fixing negative faction relations.

Diplomatic Status[]

People with diplomatic status are not actual diplomats. They are characters that are important to their faction. Should they be attacked the player will incur the full wrath of their faction.

Harming Relations[]

Player can ruin relations with various factions in a number of ways. One way is to imprison characters of a said faction by putting them in a Prisoner Cage or a Peeler Machine. Upon first dialogue with an imprisoned character the relations will drop by 1.

Improving Relations[]

Most factions have ways to improve relations through dialogue options. One of the ways to improve relations with big factions like the Holy Nation, the Shek Kingdom or the United Cities is to hand over bounties at respective police stations. Relations with a faction might be improved slightly if your characters are seen healing characters of a said faction.

Relations improve when the player heals hurt characters of any faction. Amount of gained relations depend on importance of character to their faction. For example: healing a leader of a faction can bring relations with that faction to 100 in less than a day. However, the player must be seen healing characters by members of the same faction to gain points. Helping an entire downed squad at night is an honourable thing to do, but it will not bring any faction relations bonus if there is no one around to witness it.

After Harming Relations[]

As long as the player hasn't angered the faction by killing or imprisoning a faction leader or allying with a faction the pacifier faction doesn't accept, Pacifiers should be open to accepting money in exchange for improved relations. Where pacifiers can be found and these conditions are listed in the Pacifiers page.

Factions <-80 <-60 <-40 <-20 <-10
Shek Kingdom, Slave Traders, The Holy Nation, Traders Guild, United Cities 100,000 75,000 55,000 35,000 15,000
Anti Slavers, Flotsam Ninjas, Hounds 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000

The pacifier increases relations the minimum amount for each range. A player with -90 relations with the Traders Guild would need to pay 100,000 Cats and then pay another 15,000 Cats in order to be at 0 relations. Pacifiers become "done for the day" after changing a player's relations and the player has to wait 2 hours before the pacifier will talk to them about relations again.

Becoming Allies[]

Effects of allying with Anti-Slavers on faction relations.

A lot of factions will let you ally with them, which may affect your relations with other factions.

<we should add guides to all of this on the faction page and list the alliable factions here>

Ruining Factions[]

Players can attempt to destroy factions which they don't like by taking out their leaders. Killing or imprisoning faction leaders creates new World States which often result in Town Overrides. Overwritten towns are entirely new locations and any Player-Owned Buildings in Town are completely forgotten by the game.

Often, after killing faction leaders, the Homeless Spawns of that faction decrease in quantity. Sometimes, other factions become strengthened due to the power vacuum which the leader's death has caused. This results in "invasion" Homeless Spawns in zones which this secondary faction did not originally have claim to. This phenomena is most noticeable after players have killed the Western Hive's Queen and the Southern Hive begins to invade most of the world.