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Grog is a trade good. Grog has no markup due to its rarity in any faction. Grog is made in a Grog Machine using Wheatstraw and Water via the Cooking skill. It is stored in its own unique storage container, Grog Barrels. It cannot be used as food.

In the description for Wheatstraw, grog is referred to as a "rum that makes you go blind."

Grog Machine

(1 required)


(20 required)


There are a few things to consider before deciding producing Grog as a trading resource.

On the plus side, Grog is small, stacks easily, and will not be taken by Hungry Bandits if they attack your trade caravan. It is also simple to produce, requiring only unprocessed Wheatstraw and Water.

The main negative is that it takes a lot of Wheatstraw to produce a single unit, making it inefficient compared to other production methods.

If settled in a Green environment, it is far more cost effective to grind the Wheatstraw into Strawflour, bake it into bread, and then use a Cooking Stove to make Foodcubes instead, as these take 10x Wheatstraw per unit, stack the same space and sell for a higher Cat/Wheatstraw rate.


Grog and Empty Grog Can initially both had rusty metallic icons. They have since been switched to cleaner looking bottle icons.


Despite being an alcoholic drink, many Skeletons appear to have the ability to drink Grog noted by several Grog seen in Skeleton Bar and Skinhouse HQ and other Skeleton places.